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Taipei’s Cultural Hub: Huashan (華山) 1914

March 12, 2013 |  by

In recent years, Taipei has started on a path of artistic development. One example, Huashan 1914, is a shining beacon of the city’s new cultural era; a melange of art, food, and performance create the identity of this factory-turned space. The building itself was a former wine factory, and was converted and renovated to its present state in 2007. Each individual section is comprised of open air spaces, high ceilings, and an influx of natural sunlight. What we love the most is that you truly can spend an entire day at Huashan: pick up lunch at one of many restaurants and cafes, browse shops displaying the finest of Taiwanese designers, or take a gander at a temporary exhibit housed in an old wine cellar. Whatever it is, Huashan is definitely a must visit for any visitor in the city. Below are our recommendations for exploring this cultural hub. Curious to

Style & Comfort: An Interview with VVG’s Grace Wang

November 22, 2012 |  by

The VVG Group’s name is an acronym for “very, very good,” but over the last 14 years these three letters have come to embody a lifestyle philosophy for Taipei residents. Since opening its first restaurant, VVG Bistro, the brand has expanded to include five establishments, including a bookstore (VVG Something), a bed and breakfast (VVG BB+B) and a children’s store (VVG Petite). Next month, VVG will give bibliophiles and gourmands another reason to celebrate with the opening of VVG Thinking at Huashan 1914. Located in a converted factory, the two-level space will include a restaurant and a bookstore filled with plush, inviting chairs. Though every store has its own unique flavor, each features VVG’s trademark mix of vintage items and carefully selected products by independent designers, all showcased in a beautiful but relaxed environment. VVG partner Grace Wang is responsible for creating the ambiance of each place. In an interview